WorldLife Foundation

WorldLife is a neutral and independent organization, specialized in paying attention to those areas most dramatically affected by Climate Change. We do this by initiating, organizing and facilitating indigenous nature projects together with national and international partners.



Fighting the effects of global warming and climate change by reforestation, afforeststation and food security projects, combined with educational and training programs.


For all her projects WL uses innovative and new technologies. Like waterboxes (extreme reduction of water usage and very high success rate) and robotics (fast and continuous planting processes). The organization structures are per project based upon the latest management models to ensure a time efficient workflow and optimal communication patterns.


WL offers consulting services, project manifestation and trainings – QUASARS – to guide organizations, cities, countries and groups in new ways of governing and making decisions.


Margrethe van Heeswijk, Founder of WorldLife Foundation, has an strong internal drive to restore indigenous nature globally. After her successful career in international FMCG listed companies in London and Amsterdam, Margrethe started a native reforestation project in a desert in Kenya. Margrethe’s passion for nature made her decide to use her skills and experience in advantage of the environment.

In 2009, start of WorldLife Foundation, she decided to fully commit herself to her research on the main causes of climate change. During her research she found the unique tool, the Waterboxx. The tool for afforestation and reforestation without irrigation. The proven test cases in deserts around the world showed how successful this tool is and made her decided to use it for her reforestation projects.

After one year of research, she decided to start the indigenous reforestation project. Margrethe went to East Africa and started her reforestation in the desert in Kenya. The project successfully resulted in nature restoration and food security. While in Kenya Margrethe made it also possible to bring Climate Change as a top item to the political agenda of the Kenyan Government.


core team


Margrethe van Heeswijk
Christine Lancaster
Rob Delfgaauw


Lawrence Bloom
Dora Horjus
Kees van der Vleuten


Pieter Hoff
Jenny Elissen